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deviation in storage by night-fate
deviation in storage by night-fate
Wow, been a long time since my last Journal. Time for an update.

With the recent death of one of my personal heroes, 3D Animator Monty Oum, I began reading up on him and how he'd always channeled himself into his work and how seriously he took it. He wrote a journal once about how, even right after his mother's funeral, he went right back into his work, because it's just how he dealt with things, and how important it was to him.

"Can you match my resolve? If so, then you will succeed." Is what he once said.

Monty passed at only 33 years old, married, with his own animated series and a game coming out based on it. His work was so amazing that people had come to HIM, offering jobs, instead of the other way around.

I looked at myself and realized, I'm 27 and still living at home with my folks, between jobs, without a college degree. What am I doing with my life? I need to do something, anything, I need to be putting what skills I have into something and MAKE something. DO something.

I've always wanted to make a game. To make something that I wanted to, and to be able to earn money from it. Even though I know Maya and Photoshop, the existing video game engines that are out there are a big mystery and when I take a look at them, I'm overwhelmed and don't know where to start. But I know I have to do something, make something , with what I know. So I decided to look at my options.

A few years back a friend of mine told me to check out "Ren'Py", which is a game engine used for making Visual Novel type games. To be honest, I hadn't really played any games save for Katawa Shoujo, and my impression of them was more along the lines of "This isn't really a game. It's nice, but it's not really a game". Later on, though, I played Telltale's "The Walking Dead" and suddenly realized that story-based games could actually be something meaningful beyond the typical high-school romance fluff that Visual Novels are known for.

I've done some little experimenting with the Ren'Py engine. Even though it does seem to require some fiddling around with scripts, most of it is stuff that can be copy-pasted into the program. It's something I can see myself using with what knowledge I have.

So, for the past couple of weeks, I've started writing my own Visual Novel. The story will borrow a lot from the story ideas I've been writing up over the years, specifically the "Knights of Arcturus" stuff that takes place prior to Selene's story. It will focus on the knight, Kieran, as he makes tough decisions on the battlefield while investigating a massive threat to his country.

I'm hoping this is something that I can put out on Steam and for Android, and maybe I can even make some money off of it. I can do this sort of thing to help me gain some independence and be able to actually say that I'm a game developer.

I might not be able to be as hardcore as Monty was, but I can damn sure try to get off my ass.

Make things. Do things. Mean something. That needs to be my resolve from now on.

I hope you all will look forwards to hearing about my game and will play it once it comes out!

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Hey everyone, Ryu-Gi here. I'm a multitalented aspiring Game Designer.

Current Residence: Bay Area, California

Favorite musicians: Lindsey Stirling, Go! Team

Favourite photographer: Sito Alvina (especially when he takes pictures of Susan Coffey <3 )

Favourite style of art: Every style is awesome in its own way, unless it's not.

Operating System: Windows 7

MP3 player of choice: My Phone, a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

Shell of choice: Nautulis shells-mathmatically and visually awe-inspiring.

Favourite cartoon character: Beemo, Catbug

Favorite food: Veggie burritos


Generic Military pose by Ryu-Gi
Generic Military pose
Created in Gmod. Vindictus characters are by Nexxon. Modified Vindictus characters by BlooCobolt.


The Facepunch screenshots section is typically chock full with overwhelmingly similar pictures of gritty soldiers holding guns.

So here's a fun little twist on that starring a hot army brat girl instead. That will probably be given confusing, difficult to interpret ratings on FP. Whatever.

EDIT: It's getting rated "funny" and "Optimistic" (Which is sometimes used to imply 'gay'.) See? Confusing.
Created in Garry's Mod. Splatoon is Copyright of Nintendo.


I actually have yet to play Splatoon, but it looks really fun.

I saw the Inkling models on the Gmod workshop and thought of a quick pose I could do using the Blood Splatter props I made.



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